LINKed – AI as a tool in the visual arts

May 11 | 4 pm to 7:15 pm

Online workshop / artist talk via Zoom | partly in English

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Keynotes & Workshop

  • „European ARTificial Intelligence Lab” – Veronika Liebl, Ars Electronica
  • „Occupy White Walls. Democratise ART” – Yarden Yaroshevski, StikiPixels
  • Liat Grayver (artist), Justine Emard (artist), Mattis Kuhn (artist) and Andreas Greiner (artist) together with AI Design Sprints ™ , 33A

In cooperation with the NRW Forum Düsseldorf /

Art and AI are no longer a contradiction in terms. Artists have always dealt with new technology and actively involved them in their work. Algorithms do not replace human artists, but collaborate with them and enable new artistic creation processes. The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab aims to convey AI-related scientific and technological topics to the general public in order to contribute to a critical and reflective society. The project focuses on aspects beyond the technological and economic horizon to examine cultural, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects.

AI not only supports creative processes, but also has the opportunity to respond to the very individual artistic taste of each person by including a large number of information and variables. The computer game Occupy White Walls enables users to set up their own virtual gallery. The AI ​​curator DAISY supports the selection process with targeted suggestions. The low-threshold and playful approach promotes a broad examination of a wide variety of art genres and supports the awareness of current artists.

Before the agency 33A presents and guides their creativity technique AI Design Sprint ™, the artists Justine Emard, Liat Grayver, Mattis Kuhn and Andreas Greiner offer an insight into their artistic working methods with AI. The event offers input and own creative activities, exchange and networking.