VR theater experience by Carolin Schabbing and Lisa Peter

July 7 & 8 | 4 pm to 9:45 pm (Timeslots à 45 min)

July 16 | 5 pm to 9:45 pm (Timeslots à 45 min)

@ Studio Trafique in Kulturbunker (Cologne-Mülheim).

try e.m.i.s now is a VR theater experience and performance that explores and advances new forms of embedding digital technologies and data art in theatrical processes. Central themes of transhumanism are critically reflected upon and interwoven into the design of physical and digital spaces through a mind upload by visitors as part of the enterprise e.m.i.s., short for eternal mind in space.

Does the copy of my consciousness possess its own identity? How does it find its way in the future, when will it be switched off? What secrets of my consciousness is it allowed to know? Which influences is it exposed to in this cloud, does it develop further there? Will the consciousnesses there join together and exert influence on our society?

Fictional elements and real artifacts in the form of personal data are merged in a dreamlike and surreal way. Known and unknown spaces emerge simultaneously, an interplay of determining and allowing oneself to be determined.

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For the visit is currently a negative coronatest (max. 48 hrs.) or anproof of immunity is required.

The complete hygiene concept can be found here: https://kulturbunker-muelheim.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Hygienekonzept-2021.pdf