AFFIRMATIVE – REJECT. With and Against AI.

Kuhn, Mattis (2024). AFFIRMATIVE – REJECT. With and Against AI. In: Eckart Voigts/Robin Markus Auer/Dietmar Elflein/Sebastian Kunas/Jan Röhnert/Christoph Seelinger/, Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent Art? (203-216). Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.

The article »Affirmative – Reject. With and Against AI« addresses the relationship between artist and AI-based machine in co-working processes. Various role models that artists assign to their machines are used to highlight the associated hierarchies between humans and machines. The article then focuses on the with and against AI in artistic processes and explores newly emerging possibilities, but also limitations. Reflecting on human-machine interactions against this background, but also changing them, can help us to make them more open, differentiated and experimental.

The book is available here as print and open access pdf.