cassette loop…cassette loop…cassette loop…

by Christian Rust
Filzengraben 8 – 10, [] ground zero, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

In this workshop you will create different kinds of tape loops inside and outside of cassettes. After a short introduction about players/recorders and cassette sizes, you will choose your preferred loop type and start splicing. At the end you will test your endless loop and record something onto the tape. If possible, you should bring a few cassettes with screws and a portable player/recorder of your liking.

Absolutely no prior knowledge is needed, just a curious mind and interest in working with sound in a hands on approach. Besides aesthetic choices, there is the ecological aspect of using “obsolete” technology and making something instead of buying stuff.

Wednesdays 2-4pm @ ground zero

Questions and registration
Christian Rust
c [dot] rust [at] khm [dot] de


During the following sessions we will explore sound on sound techniques, modify recorders with pitch/speed control, create diy tape delays or work on loop based pieces.


Tape nowadays is used, especially in electronic music, for its low fidelity, character and general aesthetics. Down below you will find a few videos as inspiration of what others have done with finished loops.