Feedback Sounds

by Christian Rust
Filzengraben 8 – 10, [] ground zero, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

In this workshop (2-3 sessions) you will explore different techniques to generate and tame feedback. The resulting feedback can be used as a material for your own sound art experiments. After a short introduction about the general concepts, you will start experimenting with no input mixing. At the end you can build your own feedback looper as the starting point of a setup that can be expanded with guitar pedals or similar devices. Although no computers will be involved, the techniques can be adopted to a DAW quite easily.

Absolutely no prior knowledge is needed, just a curious mind and interest in working with sound in a hands on approach.

Wednesdays 2-4pm @ ground zero (specific dates will be announced)

Questions and registration
Christian Rust
c [dot] rust [at] khm [dot] de


Below you will find a few examples of people using feedback systems in different ways.


While working with sound, often times you are trying to avoid feedback. We will be embracing it.