IN THE MAKING – An Investigation into Creation in Art, Design, Architecture and Technology

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Edited by Georg Trogemann, Konstantin Butz.
Contributions by Tobias Bieseke, Christian Heck, Karin Lingnau, Steffen Mitschelen, Zahra Mohammadganjee, Tiago Ive Rubini, Christian Rust, Somayyeh Shahhoseiny, Georg Trogemann / Konstantin Butz, Natalie Weinmann

Subtitle (German):An Investigation into Creation in Art, Design, Architecture and Technology
Publisher:Verlag der Kunsthochschule für Medien
Place of publication:Köln
Editor:Georg Trogemann, Konstantin Butz
Document Type:Book
Year of Completion:2022
Release Date:2022/12/16
Tag:Architecture; Art; Design; Poiesis; Technology
Page Number:362

Georg Trogemann and Konstantin Butz, 5


This book is an interim report on a series of ongoing dissertation projects at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Its title fulfills a double function. Like any book title, In the Making primarily points to the content. The publication addresses various issues related to poiesis, i.e., the forms of knowledge that become active when we make, create, invent, or produce something. In this case, however, the title also says something about the actual state of the works presented. The contributions are reports from doctoral projects that are halfway through, i.e., still being (re-)searched, experimented, and reflected on. Their final statements and final form have yet to be developed. A particular difficulty arises from the situatedness of these particular research approaches. The doctoral candidates have an artistic-creative background (design, art, musicology, film), but their questions and topics reach deeply into other scientific disciplines. This specific starting point deserves a closer look. (…)