Lofi Sampler/Looper

by Christian Rust
Filzengraben 8 – 10, [] ground zero, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

In this workshop (2-3 session) you will build your own lofi sampler/looper. Your device will be based on the ISD1820 chip, which is budget friendly and easy to modify. We will add jack inputs and outputs and a sampling frequency control to the board in addition to the existing speaker and microphone. By combining several of these boards, you could realise multi channel samplers. You will have to decide on a case to build your sampler into and chose buttons and switches to your liking.

Absolutely no prior knowledge is needed, just a curious mind and interest in working with sound in a hands on approach.

Wednesdays 2-4pm @ ground zero (specific dates will be announced)

Questions and registration
Christian Rust
c [dot] rust [at] khm [dot] de


Below you will find several examples of multi channel versions of such a sampler/looper.


The videos are just there for inspiration. Your device could also be a one channel version with very different looks.