Ndinguwe – „I am You“

How Do Recipients Integrate Experiences with Unfamiliar Forms of Perception in Their Imagination of Reality?

Authors: Tobias Bieseke, Jan Schulten, Azziza El-Yabadri, Georg Trogemann, Harald Opel

Article in Conference Publication: A Metaverse for the Good, Conference 9-10th April, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain


The research project “Ndinguwe” investigates the interaction between cognition and narration in virtual space within the technical setting of a head-mounted display. It examines the self-representation of the recipients as avatars in virtual space, the analysis of the relationship between virtual objects and their influence on perception through haptic feedback and the exploration of the interface between the virtual environment and the real world in so-called mixed realities. The central research question is: How do the participants integrate unknown forms of perception into their personal space of experience?

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