Selbstgespräche mit einer KI

Mattis Kuhn, 2020.

4 Books

»Selbstgespräche mit einer KI« (Self-talks with an AI) is the construction, use and reflection of an intelligent typewriter, a text generator programmed for my thinking and writing. The AI is trained with manually selected quotations from aesthetics, natural sciences, computer science, philosophy of technology and prose. This writing assistant makes suggestions for the continuation of my thoughts. In the foreground it is about a machine writing aid for literature or theory. In the background, it is about a machine that writes me (my view of the world and myself). Self-definition through self-reflection and self-design, both by means of AI.

Through the use of the machine a four-part portrait of the human and machine author is created, which merge with each other: 1) »Selbstgespräche« (self-talks): Texts written jointly by me and the machine. 2) »Datenset« (dataset): The quotations used to train the typewriter. 3) A »Handbuch« (manual) that documents and reflects the process of creation. 4) The »Code«.