Design /3D\ Printing

Get Hands on 3D Printing and 3D Design / Modeling

@ ground zero in Filzengraben 8-10, 0.2

Thursday, Novembre 25

4—6 p.m.

We will look at the Way 3D Files in the Computer work and what to do if you want to print out something.
You´ll get to know how to connect to a 3D Printer, how this thing works in general and how to create and prepare Files for it.
Software to be used will be Blender and Cura. Both are available for Win/Max/Linux.

Questions and registration
Friedrich Boell
Friedrich [dot] Boell [at] khm [dot] de

No prior Knowledge needed but patience is a must for 3D Printing in general ^_^}
And interest in those topic and its technical aspects is beneficial.