meta matter(s) no. 5

June 26 | 02:30 pm

Talk by Christian Rust on next_generation 9.0 Festival @ ZKM | Center for Art and Media

There has been a growing interest in the field of (experimental) electronic ambient music on Instagram and YouTube during the last few years. It is often presented through the rare, technologically obsolete and/or expensive equipment that one seemingly must acquire to do anything remotely similar. Additionally, a very specific visual style of framing and composition can be seen in photographs and videos showing these electronic idols. Altogether the presentation appears to be more important than the sounding result. meta matter(s) no. 5 is my personal take on this genre, soon to be published in KHM Magazin, but with a twist. This experiment will be presented in a documentary fashion by showing photographs of the equipment and elaborating on the processes and techniques involved in the piece’s emergence up to the final result. As an extension to the version in print, I will be commenting on different ways the piece can be read and an additional experimental meta layer.

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